Ghost Hunts


The Royal Hippodrome first opened in 1883, and has a long and fascinating history. All enthusiastic ghost hunting groups and paranormal societies are welcome to find out for themselves why the building has a reputation as one of the most haunted theatres in the United Kingdom.

Bookings are available throughout the year.

Costs vary and are available on application.  If you can start your ghost hunt at midnight then prices are around £300.  If you want to start ghost hunts from 9pm the cost starts at £400.  We are a fully working theatre and so hunts must fit in with the working schedule of the venue.

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre is large enough to accomdate groups of up to thirty people.

All societies are required to have valid public liabilty insurance, proof of which must be provided when booking.


All visitors that enter the Royal Hippodrome will be taken into the main theatre to be briefed with safety rules and guidlines before being taken on a tour of the building. Once this has been done you will be allowed to conduct your event.

In case of an emergency evacuation follow the instructions from the theatre’s authorised personel. Please note that the group or society organiser is responsible for all the visitors and must know where they are at all times. Nobody is to leave the building without informing the tour guide.


The theatre has a bar area where reasonably priced tea, coffeee and snacks are available. Alcohol cannot be served after 11 pm. If further catering is required please enquire when booking. Toilets are available. The main areas of the building have full wheelchair access. The theatre has no dedicated parking spaces.

House Rules

The Royal Hippodrome requires you to adhere to the following rules and guidelines when entering the building on the night:

  • You must not tamper with props, stage furniture or technical equipment.
  • There can be no burning of anything in the building, including candles.
  • You must respect all contents inside and must not damage anything belonging to the Royal Hippodrome. If found or reported you will be asked to exit the building and will be responsibly for any associated costs.
  • The Hippodrome has a strict behaviour policy and anyone seen to be engaging in any unsociable behaviour will be removed from the building without any further questions asked.
  • The Hippodrome requires that all your equipment is safe to use and adheres to Health and Safety regulations. You are required when using equipment that uses power to use power surge extension leads.
  • Participants are NOT permitted to smoke inside any part of the building.


Dates are available throughout the year. For enquiries and bookings contact: [email protected]  – THIS EMAIL IS FOR GHOST HUNT GROUPS ONLY!! –  IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO GO ON GHOST WALKS THEN PLEASE CHECK FOR DATES IN THE CALENDAR OR IN THE SHOWS LIST